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Events with Walter - March 2022 edition

Hmmm.   I used to keep this as an updated list on a sidebar here, but blogger seems to have made that kind of impossible now.    So I will have to start doing this as a monthly update post.  I was just saying yesterday that suddenly everyone wants to do events again. People are contacting me and proposals I am sending through are all being accepted. Suddenly I seem snowed under again (a lot more things will be popping up on this list in the next few weeks)! The post-Covid thaw is definitely happening.  Anyway, this is what my public events list looks like at the moment. I would love to see you at one or all of them :-)  March 6 - I am launching Alicia Thompson's book at Gleebooks, 2 pm; all welcome but bookings essential March 16 - Norman Hartnell talk at Corrimal Library 11am, bookings essential March 31 - ‘Reconnect with your memories’ workshop,  Haberfield Library, free, but bookings essential April 27 – Lectio Divina talk at the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society,

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