An honest and inspiring memoir: Twelve Rules for a Better Life by the Rev. Bill Crews (with Roger Joyce)

 The Rev. Bill Crews has long been one of my favourite human beings. I  have always admired his work in Ashfield, in Western Sydney, and later his radio show on Sunday nights on 2GB.

He has long been one of the most honest and unpretentious voices in the public sphere, and I have noted how he is willing to go anywhere to spread his message of compassion, charity and hope. He lives his spirituality, and in doing so he inspires so many others to look within as well as without and hope for a better world. 

I expected his book to be run-of-the-mill celebrity memoir with a bit of spirituality and self-help thrown in. But I was blown away by what it was. Twelve Rules for Living a Better Life is a beautifully-written, brutally honest and constantly inspiring account of the Reverend's life and the lessons he has derived from it. 




He is not afraid to walk into situations that might be painful and confronting to most of us, and he is also not afraid to delve into those areas in this book. 

If you want to be inspired by a man who walks his talk, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Oh, and listen to this podcast of me chatting with the Rev. Bill Crews about his book


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