The Mindful Writer - A 2020 Resource Page

 I had the loveliest group today on what was a grand experiment - my first Mindful Writer workshop delivered via Zoom, generously hosted by Mosman Library.

It was lots of fun, though a very novel and occasionally weird experiment. I would so love to hear from you if you did the workshop, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

As promised, here is a page of resources to help  you explore further some of the things I mentioned:

An interesting, extensive and quite academic analysis of mindfulness in Buddhism 

The Way of Mindfulness: The Satipatthana [mindfulness of breathing] Sutta and Its Commentary

Tristine Rainer and her remarkable book The New Diary

Natalie Goldberg and her groundbreaking book Writing Down the Bones

Gary Lachman's terrific book Lost Knowledge of the Imagination is what got me so interested in Coleridge. I find both Gary and Coleridge tremendously inspiring 




The fabulousness of Anais Nin

Mae West ruled fashion in 1933, and every other year

British photographer Charlie Waite on being a born observer 

Dr. Bernie Siegel believes we should open ourselves to more stories

Indra's Net provides an exquisite parable for our interconnectedness. It comes from the teachings of the  

Avatamsaka Sutra, championed by the Hua Yen school of Buddhism

Ernest Holmes was a fascinating man and a leader of the New Thought movement. Though a very different tradition, he often discusses themes of contemplation and oneness. I used a quote from him in  the presentation 

Ann Kroeker on the power of memorising poems 

What is a Beginner's Mind?  







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