"Seeking the Sacred" at Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon

As well as skulking about looking for copies of my own book, when I'm in bookshops I am also always keeping a keen eye out for the books of friends.
Imagine my pleasure when, in Bangkok recently, I found a copy of my friend Stephanie Dowrick's latest (wonderful) book Seeking the Sacred at Kinokuniya Bookshop at Siam Paragon.

And not just a single copy on the shelf - a great big old pile of them right out the front with the bestsellers! So exciting! Despite the scowls of the nearby security guard (who was armed AND hunky), I had Thang snap this pic of me boasting of my connections. I am delighted to think of the English-speaking residents of Bangkok poring over Stephanie's latest book.
BTW, Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon is just about the best bookshop in Asia, and an absolute must-visit if you are in Bangkok. A fantastic range of Asia-rleated titles, a big self-help section - what more could a reader ask for?
Paragon is the most glamorous of Bangkok's mega-malls, and is home to Thailand's infamous solitary outlet for Krispy Kreme, where people queue for days to get their hands on an original glazed!


My bet is that your book will be there ine day!
Walter is the most amazing "finder" of good news - and the most generous in sharing it also.
Have posted this gorgeous story on my Facebook page and hope it also prompts people to RUSH out and buy Destination Saigon - quite rightly lauded and applauded as one of THE travel books published in 2010. Congrats on your success Walter - and thanks so much for this!! Love it.

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