Opening Up with BelindaGrace

This week has been a strange one, in so many ways.

As always I have found myself absolutely snowed under with work, and struggling to stay on top of the enormous quantities of email and other messages I receive daily. I have yet to find an effective email management system. All of the ones I hear about involve putting filters into place, but I'm afraid with me it's out of sight, out of mind, so I am terrified of sending anyone into oblivion. And so they add up in my inbox, ticking over nicely at the rate of 40-50 a day...

I have also been investigating matters psychic these couple of weeks, inspired in part by spending so much time with the gorgeous Barry Eaton, a psychic intuitive and radio host who has just published his second book, No Goodbyes. At the same time I was reading Barry's accounts of his psychic explorations and attending his fascinating talks while he was in Sydney, I was listening on my iPod to people such as Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and the wonderful Sonia Choquette. Both women are advocates of intuition, energetic healing and psychic possibilities.

So on Friday, at the last minute, I decided to call up and book a spot at the all-day workshop of my old pal, clairvoyant, healer and author BelindaGrace. Today we drove down to Wollongong to attend the workshop at a gorgeous place in the Wollongong CBD called Lotus Wellbeing.

BelindaGrace and Walter Mason

BelindaGrace was at her stunning best, and there was a wonderful feeling in the booked-out room. She was resplendent in a gold and purple salwar kameez she purchased at a recent trip to India.

Suffice to say I had some incredible experiences at the workshop under Belinda's guidance, including having a nasty migraine clear up after Mr. Noodlies applied some healing techniques to the top of my head.

I simply had to buy BelindaGrace's boxed set You Are Clairvoyant which contains book, oracle cards and meditation CD. Watch out world - before long my skill set will expand to include mind reading!


Unknown said…
Hi Walter, thank you for your lovely words. It was so wonderful to have you and Thang there in Wollongong. You are both such inspiring people and your intuition is SO powerful! I think I'll come have a reading with you some time soon. BG xo :-)
Walter Mason said…
Bless you, BelindaGrace - you are such a wonderful teacher and I always enjoy your energy and wisdom.

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