50 New Things: No. 13 - The Sydney Peace Prize

New Things No. 13 - The Sydney Peace Prize

Last night Thang and I were invited to attend the announcement of the Sydney Peace Prize at the gorgeous Sydney Town Hall.

I've never attended this event before, so I can add it to my painfully slowly growing list of 50 New Things. Gosh, I'd better get my finger out - I only have 6 months left to fill this up.
Do excuse the pics, as I only had my iPhone with me.

But, being me, I was carried away by the OTT architecture and decoration of the high-camp Town Hall.
Nonetheless, I forced myself to listen attentively, and Noam Chomsky was announced the winner.

The most exciting thing about it all is that Prof. Chomsky is coming to deliver a lecture at Cabramatta High School in November! Yes, that's right folks - he is coming to my neighbourhood!
That's going to be an extraordinary event.


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