A Heartfelt Journaling reading list

Here are some books that will supply inspiration and ideas for any journal writer:

Books about journaling:

Writing and Being by G. Lynn Nelson

Journaling for Joy by Joyce Chapman

At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progoff

Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner

Writing Your Authentic Self by Lois Guarino

The Well-Being Journal by Lucia Capacchione

Life's Companion by Christina Baldwin

More general inspiration and ideas:

Intimacy and Solitude by Stephanie Dowrick

Sex, Drugs and Meditation by Mary-Lou Stephens

(and while we're at it, Sex Death Enlightenment by Mark Matousek)

Make Miracles in Forty Days by Melody Beattie

Begin it Now by Susan Hayward

Books about creativity:

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

Blessings by Julia Cameron

Free Your Creative Spirit by Vivianne and Christopher Crowley

Classics that will keep a journal writer entertained and filled with ideas:

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Selected Poems of Kabir

Dreams by C. G. Jung

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Selected Poems by T. S. Eliot

Great journals to read:

The Diaries of Anais Nin

The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon

The Diaries of Samuel Pepys

The Kenneth Williams Diaries

Any of May Sarton's Diaries

Incest by Anais Nin


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