My Playlist for 2015

Here they are - the songs I listened to most in 2015. In order:

1. King of Everything by Boy George (89 plays) - The first single from George's 2013 album This is What I Do. Such a beautiful, bittersweet song that speaks to my anxieties about ageing.

2. Adult Education by Hall & Oates (85 plays) - Probably not their greatest moment, but there's something about the strange 80s-ness of this song that I've really come to love. It's the backing singers' "Oh-yea, oh-yea"'s that stay with me.

3. You've Got It by Simply Red (84 plays) - Slick and smooth, this Lamont Dozier co-written song is 1989 pop-sophistication at its best.

4. I Feel for You by Chaka Khan (76 plays) - For when I'm bored and want to do a bit of boogying, nothing can beat Chaka.

5. Let's Get Started by Gota (68 plays) -  Bossa Nova funk from the 90s Japanese master.

6. Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst (65 plays) - It was love at first sight with Conchita, and this is a damn good slice of high camp musical melodrama. Conchita needs to be the next Bond girl!

7. Everything She Wants by Wham (64 plays) - Funnily enough, I was never that much of a Wham fan when I was a kid. But this bitter, funky tale of exploitation just seems so fantastic now. I still maintain that the one who wasn't George was way hotter. And yes, he still sounds incredibly camp in this.


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