Fabulously Creative - a free workshop at Ashfield Library - February 5, 2016

Ashfield Library is offering a wonderful opportunity to do a really invigorating and fun writing workshop with me - absolutely free!

My 3-hour 'Fabulously Creative' workshop has been held all around Sydney, but people have always had to pay - until now.

Do take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to renew your creative juices and really get some focus back on your creative work in 2016.

It's time to dust off the writing shoes and show the world just how wonderful you are! In this one-day workshop come on a creative journey with me as you explore your options, get daring and spend some time discovering that spark of sheer fabulousness that lies within us all. In a joy-filled workshop of imaginative discovery you will learn to say yes to your creative impulses and crash through the barriers – real and imagined – that have held you back till now. Walter will have you believing again in the wonderful world of possibility that makes you so special and your stories so unique. Whether it’s beating writers block, creating a truly tremendous new year or writing things down and making them happen, this workshop is just the thing to give you the tools to energise and inspire a creative new you.

This workshop will encourage you to:

-    Get out of your creative shell and let people know the value of your work and ideas
-    Build your strength and determination to truly lead the writer’s life
-    Develop  your skills, knowledge and attitude and get excited again about your craft
-    Open your mind and get writing seriously – every day, every week and always
-    Start some awesome projects with passion and conviction
-    Believe in your own talents and gifts


Writing Workshops for Adults: 

Fabulously creative with Walter Mason

Ashfield Library

Do book now, as Ashfield's free writing workshops are always very popular.


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