My Three Words for 2015

January is not quite over, and so I have time to set myself three words to help guide me through the year.

I did it in 2013, and found it a great help to staying focused on the values that are important to me. The whole exercise, of course, is taken from online marketing guru Chris Brogan, and you should check out his three words for 2015.

In 2013 my words were: Joy, Lovingkindness and Consistent. Now, those should really be my guiding words every year, and I look back at "consistent" with some mirth. Consistency is not a strong point, and is something I really struggle with.

What am I inspired by this year? Well, here are my three words:

Cheer - I have nominated 2015 my Year of Cheer, and this old-fashioned quality is one that has interested me for some years. It might surprise you to know that I am in fact quite a grumpy soul, given to periods of depression, anger and sanctimony. Being cheerful in spite of it all is my chosen self-discipline this year, and in many ways is an homage to my beloved late grandmother Ethel Barrett, who espoused the efficacy of cultivated good cheer. I am actively seeking to manifest more cheer in my life and plan to write about it extensively.

Creativity - This year I plan to create more than I consume, and that is quite a challenge because I am a monstrously lazy soul who is never happier than when passively absorbing a book, film or work of art. I plan to cultivate and honour my creative thinking and to honour all of the wonderful and crazy ideas that flood my head daily. It also helps that this year I am teaching creativity a lot more, so will be learning a lot more about the process along with my students. It is also something I am writing on.

Adventure - I am just about to embark on a 6 week trip to Vietnam and I have a couple of other overseas journeys planned for the year. This year I am going to say "yes" to adventure more, and give in les to my impulse to isolate, sit at home and complain about my health. I want to learn more new things, take more risks and meet more new people. I want to challenge my intellect and I want to walk right into parties and say "Hi" to whoever is standing near me and get to know about them and their fascinating lives.

I'd love to encourage you to consider your won three words for the year. It’s not too late. Set your own compass towards those ideas and qualities you think would improve your life. And let me know what they are.


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