Julia Cameron on the tenderness of the Universe

Last year I held a very successful workshop on living a life filled with joy. We did a number of exercises, we journalled and we had some gorgeous readings ad meditations. One of the readings/meditations I did was adapted from one of Julia Cameron's reflections in her exquisite book Blessings: Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life. So many people responded to that reading that I thought I would put it up here in my blog:

I am Held in Compassionate Arms
(from Julia Cameron's book Blessings)

The universe is tender toward my heart.
I count this a great blessing and I trust it.
Frightened, threatened or overwhelmed, I place my emotional safety in the hands of a loving universe.
I ask for protection, wisdom and discernment.
Knowing that I am cared for and protected, I am alert for support and security coming to me from many directions.
I find supportive people, comforting events, unexpected and gracious encounters.
The world is not a hostile place.
I am aided and safe.
The world is my home.
I am aided, safe and protected.


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