Sister Jayanti's guide to long-lasting happiness

Sister Jayanti teaching in Sydney

This week I was fortunate enough to hear the wonderful Sister Jayanti live in Sydney. Sister Jayanti is one of the leaders of the Brahma Kumaris movement and their NGO Representative to the United Nations. She is also a beautiful, softly spoken and gentle soul and being in her presence is to know real calm and love. Here is my own summary of the message of Sister Jayanti's talk:

1. Care for the soul - our soul is a being of light, and perhaps our true being. It is impossible to describe in words, but many of us sense the presence of this extraordinary experience of being. It is our sacred element, and the more we recognise it and attend to its needs, the more it will manifest in our lives, thoughts and actions.

2. Meditate - food, drink and relationships all bring us brief moments of happiness, but a sustained meditation practice brings us a deep and true happiness. Sister Jayanti teaches a soul-conscious meditation. When we meditate we are fully engaged with our life and being, and it helps to strengthen and purify our everyday thoughts. It helps us to cultivate the mental power to more consciously choose the thoughts that run our lives.

3. Master your mind - see above. We spend a lot of time conquering our bodies and many of our more destructive urges. But at some point we give in and allow our minds free reign. So we rarely structure our leisure time, our conversations with friends and colleagues etc. If we can master the senses and the self we can more fully live our own most treasured values. Stop betraying yourself.

4. Build the energy that is carrying us upwards  - most people have a moral compass that tells them what thoughts and activites are helpful and conducive to a better life and what are more destructive. Consciously try to build on that positive energy, the energy we intuit lifts us upwards. Choose the better response, and take the opportunity to be the better person. We all give in to those negative and destructive impulses. It's time we strengthened our best selves. 

5. Become more aware of positive values - we have all experienced goodness, love and kindness. Become more conscious of those actions in others, and actively praise and encourage those actions when we see them. Further, seek to copy those same actions in your own life. Look for the goodness in the world around you, and help those people who are doing good. Then do good yourself.

6. Show some appreciation and gratitude - acknowledging the help of others and being more consciously grateful for it makes us inordinately happier. Complain less and praise more. Keep a list of things you are grateful for and reflect on them often. Go out of your way just a bit to show kindness to others.

I was lucky enough to have my copy of Sister Jayanti's book God's Healing Power signed by the author herself. It was a wonderful moment to meet her and look into her eyes. Check out the book here.


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