Read my plan for a fabulous 2014 in the January issue of New Dawn Magazine

I am rather excited about the latest issue of New Dawn magazine, which looks like this:

As well as being jam-packed full of fascinating stories by other people (including an article on angels, the always-fascinating Richard Smoley on gods, devils and demiurges and a fantastic piece by Matthew Levi Stevens on William Burroughs), there are also a couple of pieces by me that I am very proud of.

First up there is my guide to beginning the New Year with New Thought, in which I provide 8 tips to creating a truly fabulous 2014 using advice from some of the great masters of New Thought, including Charles Fillmore, Michael Bernard Beckwith and H. Emilie Cady. And in case you are wondering whether I walk my talk, I will also be using this as my growth guide for the year.

Michael Bernard Beckwith - one of the people who inspired my guide to 2014

Then there's my review of Mitch Horowitz's simply fantastic One Simple Idea, a great history of New Thought and positive thinking which demonstrates a true knowledge of the philosophical and religious tradition.

After that, my review of Stephanie Dowrick's great book on prayer, Heaven on Earth.

And finally, a very thoughtful review of my own new book Destination Cambodia, written by Reg Little!

What a fun-filled magazine!
It will be in Newsagents on January 1, so reserve your copy now, or rush in and get it as soon as you can. It is filled with good reading.

You can read all about New Dawn magazine here.


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