My most listened to songs of 2013

Well, I have listed my most inspirational books and my favourite albums of the year, so all that's left is to let you know what songs are the most played on my itunes list. This is always where reality calls - the hard evidence of what it was I listened to over and over again during the course of the year. It's always potentially embarrassing, but also quite illuminating, so here goes: the songs I listened to most in 2013, according to itunes:

1. (65 plays) Carolyn's Fingers by the Cocteau Twins - I am a child of the 80s, and the distinctive sound of the Cocteau Twins is always something that brings that most glamorous decade to mind. This is one of their more upbeat, fun numbers. Have a listen - if you don't know the Cocteau Twins I think you'll like it.

2. (61 plays) The Only Way Out by Cliff Richard - LOL - didn't I say this would quickly get embarrassing? But the fact is I love 80s/90s Cliff, and this is an intriguing song, for many reasons. Ostensibly about a gal he likes, it is quite clearly about God and contains a healthy metaphysical message: The only way out is the only way in and it's you. They actually use this as a hymn at a Spiritualist Church I go to sometimes.

3. (56 plays) I'll be Waiting by Adele - I know everyone loves her now and that she's totally mainstream, but she is still fabulous, and this is a killer song. Brings out my inner drag queen.

4. (55 plays) Out With Her by The Blow Monkeys - Not everyone remembers The Blow Monkeys, but they were a truly wonderful 80s band, ultra-stylish and smooth. This is laid-back easy-listening funk at its best, and it always makes me feel good.

5. (55 plays) Half a Minute by Matt Bianco - Some 80s bossa nova groove. Gets me jiggling when I sit down to write every day.

6. (53 plays) Mama Never Knew by Boy George - This is Boy George's sleek New York sound from 1988 and the brilliantly smooth album Tense Nervous Headache (best title ever). Torchy, bluesy and kind of touching, I have always loved this song.


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