Essential Books for Authors: Platform by Michael Hyatt

This is the book that I have been recommending to all authors, bloggers and creatives for over a year now. I think it is, quite simply, the most valuable read there is, and I don't think any writer can possibly move ahead without instituting at least some of the advice available in its pages.

In fact, I normally tell people that if they simply instituted six pieces of advice from this book their career would take off.

So what is it and why am I raving about it so much?

Platform is Michael Hyatt's manifesto for creating an on-line platform and getting yourself heard and known.

Hyatt knows what he's talking about. He is a successful publisher, speaker, blogger and author all on his own, and his own example is the best illustration of every piece of advice in this book.

Since reading this I have also become a dedicated listener to his wonderful podcast 'This is Your Life'.

Michael Hyatt

Platform is not a book for sitting back with in a cosy chair and having a laid-back read. It is intensely practical, and needs to be read with a pencil and notebook at the ready. I found myself turning the corner down on almost every single page till it became quite ridiculous and I realised I had to start reading all over again with a definite purpose in mind and my journal ready to record exactly how I was going to put Hyatt’s ideas into practice.

Divided up into sensible and necessary steps along the journey to creating a platform, this book is most practical, inspiring and common-sense guide I have probably ever read.

It has caused me to be a little less gentle and patient with new writers, as well. As Hyatt points out, there is almost no point any more in pursuing a writing career if you aren't at the same time creating a public platform from which to recruit readers and interest peers and publishers. It is that simple and that crucial.

The blog, of course, is the key to anyone’s platform and in this book Hyatt offers a huge number of ideas and systems to make your blog better and more manageable, Of particular interest to me was the section on maintaining a list of blog post ideas - I plan to put this into operation in 2014.

So what are the six pieces of advice from Platform that all authors and wannabe authors should put into operation immediately?

1. Get your own domain name, and get it now.
2. Create your own blog
3. Get on Twitter and get active.
4. Write blog posts quickly and when the mood takes you - take advantage of inspiration
5. Train yourself in public speaking and start looking for public speaking opportunities.
6. Build a tribe of people who love you and are enthusiastic about what you are doing. Give as much back to your tribe as they give to you. Create around you a community of supportive people, and aim to be the most supportive member of that community.

Get Platform now and read it before the New Year. If you start reading it and putting Hyatt's advice into action you will start noticing results straight away.

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