Where to from Now? 30 Nov in Berry


Instead of asking "What do I want from life?", a more powerful question is "What does life want from me?”            Eckhart Tolle

Global Contact presents:

Be inspired by women who have asked the question & are living their answers.

Stephanie Dowrick
Dorothy McRae McMahon
Susan Murphy
Jane Ewins

Dorothy McRae McMahon

Walter Mason (author of Destination Cambodia) will be our event's Interlocutor.

Walter Mason in Cambodia


Saturday 30 November 2013 
9.30 for 10 am - 4.00 pm

This day may be for you if you have ever wondered:
  • How do we turn problems into opportunities?
  • Is it all too hard and too late?
  • How can I make a difference?
  • There’s something missing - what is it?
  • Why aren’t “they” doing something?
  • How to let go, forgive & move on?
Proceeds from the day go to Sydney homeless women & the Shoalhaven Women’s Health Centre.
Bookings: Global Contact Ph 61. (02) 4462 2121
Email: info@globalcontact.com.au


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