Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson in the latest issue of New Dawn Magazine

The latest issue of New Dawn 141 (Nov-Dec) features an article by me on the all-too-little-known Australian Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson. It is now available from newsagencies across Australia and New Zealand. Also you can download a digital version from

One of the greatest discoveries I have made during the years of researching my doctoral thesis has been the eccentric writer and metaphysical teacher Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson.

Sister Veni Cooper-Mathieson - Australian literary pioneer

Sister Veni was an Australian religious entrepreneur who wrote a number of extremely idiosyncratic books promoting the ideas of New Thought she espoused. She was also a serial publisher of metaphysical journals.

One of Sister Veni's journals

She also occasionally fell foul of the law!

The good people at New Dawn asked me to write an essay about my heroine, and it appears in the latest issue of the magazine which is in stores now.

This is the issue to look out for

Grab a copy!


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