New Books November 2013 - Biography & Autobiography

Here is my nice new pile - I am being sensible this month, and reckon I ought to get through these. From the top:

Victoria Glendinning Edith Sitwell: A Unicorn Among the Lions - My Edith Sitwell obsession dates back to when I was 17 and first saw a photograph of her. Anyone who looked that fantastic was alright by me. I have read all her books and quite a few biographies, but somehow this one has passed me by.

David Thomson Bette Davis - I am currently undergoing one of my periodic preoccupations with All About Eve and, resultantly, Bette Davis. This slender little bio might offer up some new insights into the great lady's life and career.

Gary Indiana Andy Warhol and the Can that Sold the World - Another of my historic fixations, I must be close to reading every book by and about Andy Warhol. This looks interesting because I have also followed Gary Indiana's career from Queer-punk erotic short story writer to literary exponent of true crime. His book Three Month Fever, about the Gianni Versace murder, is still one of my favourites. So interested to read what he has to say about Warhol.

Eileen Caddy Flight Into Freedom and Beyond - This is a book I have wanted to read for years. Caddy is famous to New Agers everywhere as one of the founders of the Findhorn community, and her own life is quite intriguing. I am interested to read how she balances her evangelical Christian beliefs against her accompanying belief in fairies, clairvoyancy and nature spirits. Of course, this combination was once a common one, but in the modern world it seems an intriguing impossibility. 

Gloria Swanson Swanson on Swanson - What's not to find fascinating about the glorious Gloria? I remember watching her on Michael Parkinson when I was just a child, no idea who she was, but I was blown away by her glamour and her presence. Naturally I have been a devotee ever since, but I have never read this.

Philippa Gregory The Women of the Cousins' War - I have just done a marathon of watching The White Queen. Enough said.

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal - More Warholiana. This is the exhibition catalogue for the Asian touring show which I never got to see, but my partner did. He brought this back for me.

Jean Cocteau: Spirit of the 20th Century Parisian Scene - Another exhibition, this one I saw in Hong Kong. It was brilliant, and this book is an exquisite object all on its own.


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