Buddhist monks in Cambodia

Much of my life has been spent in the company of Buddhist monks, and whenever I travel I normally end up in the orbit of monks.
Cambodia is no exception, and I have spent many happy hours in their company, learning as much about human nature as about religion.
In Cambodia almost everyone is Buddhist, and many young men spend a period of time as a monk. People revere the monks and see them as a "field of merit" - the means by which they migh acquire good karma. In respecting monks and helping them to survive regular lay people can accrue spiritual merit.
Here are some of the images of monks I have taken over the years in Cambodia. Each tells a particular story. Indeed, each could be the basis for an entire book all on its own:

Takin part in the recitation of the Jataka Tales

Gathered for Human Rights Day - a scene I write about in "Destination Cambodia"
Kosal - my closest monk friend in Cambodia. He is now a layman.

With Kosal inside his quarters
Battambang monk wears maroon robes, which is unusual in Cambodia

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