Vietnam's literary sensation Di Li

Vietnamese author Di Li

For the past fews I have made the acquaintance of Vietnamese writer, blogger and journalist Di Li (Nguyen Dieu Linh), one of the most exciting and outgoing of a new generation of Vietnamese authors writing about modern Vietnam and its place in the world.
Based in Hanoi, Di Li is famous for her journalism about the Vietnamese literary scene and for her own brand of sexy, daring and sometimes paranormal chick lit. Her generosity as a writer and her love of new influences means that she has reached out to many foreign writers visiting Vietnam, and I share her friendship with Australian writers Emily Maguire and Jan Cornall.
I have recently received two very exciting gifts from Di Li. The first is her collection of short stories in English, The Black Diamond.

This is a thoroughly unique book, and one which all visitors to Vietnam should read. The minute you arrive hit the bookshops and seek out a copy, published by The Gioi Publishers, Vietnam's largest. Instead of explaining it to you, I will just let you see the blurb I wrote which, I am delighted to discover, appears on the back of the book:

The second item that thrills me is Di Li's collection of conversations with writers, Chuyen Lang Van.

I was idly leafing through it when I stumbled upon my own plump face, and a full interview with me that DiLi did for one of the Vietnamese magazines.

Vietnamese readers will be very interested in this fascinating collection.


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