The Lifted Brow - Issue 19

The latest issue of The Lifted Brow

Well, I have finally made it into The Lifted Brow, Australia's hippest literary mag.

My listing in The Lifted Brow - proof!

Admittedly it is a short piece - more a haiku, really, on the fascinating subject of waterless urinals. But damn it's good - and well worth reading!

I am not going to preview it here because I really want you to buy this issue and help support new Australian writing. I probably don't need to tell you that literary mags struggle to survive in Australia. But they are an essential part of our writing ecosystem, and they encourage and support new talent, as well as supplying a platform for more established voices. And they are just so much fun! I love opening up the latest issue of The Lifted Brow and never really knowing what on earth I will discover.

Sam Cooney, editor and publisher of The Lifted Brow, is one of a small clutch of Australian literary hearthrobs, and is in his own right an exceedingly eccentric and fascinating writer.

Sam Cooney

1He also curates live shows and "events" that are attached to the magazine and are part of its cultural expression. It's an exciting model, and one that encourages fusion between music, performance and writing.

You can read more about The Lifted Brow, order the latest issue and subscribe here

Read an interview with Sam Cooney here


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