The Joy House Film Festival

One of the films at the festival

Still from "Grandma" - one of the films at the festival

This weekend my friend, actor and author Joy Hopwood, is putting on the Joy House Film Festival, and I am so excited to be going.

The "Joy House Film Festival" debuts this Saturday at The Concourse's Urban Screen @ 3.30pm to 5pm. 
(409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood.)

Still from "Wally" - one of the festival selections

Andy Minh Trieu - one of the festival judges

They are positive representations of stories with a theme of JOY, giving a platform for emerging filmmakers, especially multicultural, Indigenous and our youth. 10 of the best submissions will be showcased. 

Jeff Field - one of the festival judges

Guest judges are 2DayFm's Geoff Field and Channel Nine's Andy Minh Trieu
Created by Joy Hopwood
The Programming Director is Amadeo Marquez Perez

Promotional still from Pearl Tan's "Minority Box" - one of the films competing



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