Destination Cambodia

My new book, Destination Cambodia, is out and available online and in all good bookstores in Australia.

Two and a half years in the making, Destination Cambodia is an affectionate, whimsical and deeply personal account of my journeys through Cambodia, a country that has enchanted me for seventeen years.

Published by Allen & Unwin.


 Destination Cambodia: Adventures in the Kingdom

By Walter Mason    

AUD $24.99inc. GST

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Join intrepid traveller, Walter Mason - author of Destination Saigon - on a colourful adventure to one of the world's hottest new destinations. Meet taxi drivers, writers, hip -hop stars and monks as he traverses this extraordarily beautiful country.


The ancient and mysterious ruins of Cambodia have long captured the imagination of visitors, more so now than ever before. In Destination Cambodia, Walter Mason charts an affectionate, intimate and deeply personal look at a Kingdom that has drawn him back again and again since his youth.

Whether he's watching young monks recite the Buddha's life stories, visiting shamans and fortune tellers, or discovering the darker alleys of Phnom Penh with a romantic novelist and a world-weary street hustler, Walter takes the reader straight to the heart of this famously unknowable country. As heat, dust and weariness take their toll, he remains alive to the charms, and even seductions, of a place that was once a byword for misery and human suffering.

Destination Cambodia takes us on a joyful and constantly fascinating literary journey in which Cambodia is vibrant and its people excited about the future while never denying their haunted past.

Walter Mason's distinctive voice, his upfront knowledge of Cambodia and wicked sense of humour meet in this riotous celebration of a remarkable and resilient nation, which has become a great tourist destination.

ISBN:     9781742376622
Australian Pub.:     September 2013
Publisher:     Allen & Unwin
Imprint:     Allen & Unwin
Subject:     Travel Writing 


Kerrie said…
Looking forward to reading it. i'll be dropping by Melb's Hares and Hyenas on the weekend - hoping it's there.
Walter Mason said…
Thank you, Kerrie! Hope you enjoy it.

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