Digital DIY at the NSW Writers' Centre

This year I am proud to be a part of the Digital DIY seminar at the NSW Writers' Centre.
If you are a writer looking to explore the options for publishing your work in the digital space, this two-day seminar will be very helpful.
Full details:

Digital DIY: Reaching Your Readers with Ebooks and Print on Demand

Who: Linda Funnell, Anna Maguire, David Henley and Guests

Anna Maguire, one of the seminar's conveners


When: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 November, 10am – 4pm
Cost: Full price:
$350; Member: $250; Conc Member: $210
Want to take control of your publishing? Interested in ebooks? Unsure about Print-on-demand?
This two-day seminar covers the nuts and bolts of doing your own digital publishing, from identifying your audience to formats, uploads and promotion.
Convenor Linda Funnell has extensive experience as a publisher and will introduce you to the key points of taking a book to readers with a series of expert speakers including: Anna Maguire (@Digireado) on preparing your files and ebook production; David Henley on the possibilities of digital publishing; and author Walter Mason on the how to use social media effectively.

Linda Funnell, convener

Day One
  • You’ve got a book – what is it and who is it for?
  • Ebooks or print on demand or both?
  • Editing essentials: Before you even think about uploading, think about editing
  • Producing Your Book
Day Two
  • Production: preparing your files, making your book, key decisions re conversion
  • Getting the word out: marketing and promotion
  • Success stories from a panel of authors
This seminar will suit anyone who is starting to think seriously about publishing their work. Participants will learn the key steps they will need to undertake to publish an ebook or print on demand edition, from the importance of editing to choosing a supplier to promotion and marketing. It is less suitable for writers developing highly illustrated works such as children’s picture books.

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Walter Mason


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