Reading Flashmob in Sydney for Patrick Ness' The Crane Wife

A rainy Sydney Readmob

Lord but it poured today! And as is my habit, I brought no umbrella.
Allen & Unwin had organised a truly unique event to publicise the  release of Patrick Ness' new novel The Crane Wife.

We all had to meet at a central location to approach a mysterious woman in a kimono.

By the time she arrived the rain had begun in earnest, but there were still plenty of keen readers around. We all grabbed our copy of the book and, stalwart souls that we are, we headed over to Martin Place where, standing beneath brollies, we read aloud a couple of pages of the book as a group.

My readmob companion, Angela

Even in the pouring rain it was a terrifically fun event, and I am hereby suggesting we create more reading flashmobs - hereafter known as "Readmobs." A great way to raise awareness and get people thinking about reading!!

Only the most important parts of Walter Mason protected from a rainy readmob

It worked as an event on many levels, not least of which was making a whole heap of keen readers aware of a book and an author they might never have previously encountered.
So what was the book?

The Crane Wife is a novel by Patrick Ness based on a Japanese folk-tale. Ness has previously written an acclaimed graphic novel, and his work has been compared to Haruki Murakami.

Author Patrick Ness


Unknown said…
Hi Walter, thank you for posting up some pics. It was a great event and nice to see everyone coming out and braving the weather. I look forward to reading the book. Cheers, Angela
Walter Mason said…
Bless you, Angela - we had fun, didn't we. Hopeless at keeping up, though.

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