Cambodian Artist's Inspirational Story - Sydney Unitarian Church, May 5

‘Straddling 2 Worlds’ - a very special film and presentation
at Sydney Unitarian Church, Sunday 5 May

Cambodian cartoonist & activist Bun Heang Ung and his wife Phiny survived Pol Pot’s Killing Fields. But in the 30 years following they’ve had tough times surviving in Australia.

Bun Heang Ung

Tian Gerrand’s short film profile  ‘Straddling 2 Worlds’  will be screened to highlight  the heartaches and challenges that have tested the Ung family’s resilience and self-belief  since they landed here in the Lucky Country.

Cartoon by Bun Heang Ung

After all they’ve been through, ‘Cancer is a compliment,’ says Bun.       
So why is Bun so positive and accepting of his karma? And yet so angered by Cambodia’s fate since the end of Pol Pot ?

Monastery Verandah, Battambang, Cambodia

The short film and talk will be presented by James & Tian Gerrand
Sunday, 5th May 2013  at 10:30 am
Sydney Unitarian Church
15 Francis St., (off College St) ,East Sydney
Free entry.  
                                               Web site:


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