A Newer You - Personal Change Workshop in Sydney

I suppose there are a lot of personal change workshops in Sydney - I am just not that aware of them. I certainly don't normally endorse them or write about them on my blog.
But this one is different. It is being run by my dear friend and teacher, Julian Duckworth, developed from content he delivered at a brilliant talk I attended last year.

Julian Duckworth

I can guarantee that Julian's gentle, inclusive and loving wisdom and respectful attitude will suit anyone who wanted to do a bit of personal development.
Another thing - and  this is important - the whole half-day workshop is only $5! You don't get spiritual sustenance for that kind of money any more.
So do check your calendars and, if you possibly can, get along to this fascinating workshop.
Full details:

Pathways towards personal change

A half-day workshop on
transformative living

Presented by Julian Duckworth.

On Saturday morning, April 13th from 9.30 a.m. until 1.30 p.m.
Venue: Swedenborg Centre, 1 Avon Road, North Ryde NSW 2113
Cost: only for the morning tea, $5

This is a great opportunity to be with others and explore the possibilities of making and experiencing meaningful changes in yourself and your life. The aim of this workshop is to provide ways and means to confidently identify and develop these changes.

The workshop will be fairly interactive and it will also have some presentations in which the scope for personal change will be looked at.
Here are some of the areas we will explore –
You are already a great person!   
 Some realities in wanting to change
Things we might not wish to change about ourselves
Feelings and emotions in it all
Selecting our methods and getting on with it
We look forward to you joining us and we hope you find it useful.
Bookings are not essential, but it helps us if you can let us know a few days in advance that you intend to be there.
Telephone: (02) 9888 1066
website: www.swedenborg.com.au


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