The Book that Inspires Belinda Castles

Belinda Castles is an award-winning Australian novelist whose most recent book, Hannah & Emil, was one of my holiday picks over at the Universal Heart Book Club.
Belinda was my guest recently at an Inspirational Conversation at Ultimo library.

Belinda Castles & Walter Mason at Ultimo Library

When I asked her to name a book that had inspired her, she instantly named Kate Grenville and Sue Woolfe's Making Stories. This book, which I also found intriguing, shows actual extracts from the early drafts of famous writers such as Peter Carey and Patick White. Belinda said that seeing the prosaic struggles such greats engaged in gave her hope, and she realised that the process of creation is slow, gradual and at times difficult for all of us.

I asked Belinda a question that I am always struggling with - should we dream big or stay realistic? I made a video of her reply:

Oh, and this is Belinda's favourite quote, from Samuel Beckett:

Read more about Belinda's latest novel, Hannah & Emil here


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