Vivian Chan Shaw: 40 Years - A Retrospective

I was thrilled to discover that one of Australia's most iconic fashion houses, Vivian Chan Shaw, is about to launch a retrospective exhibition celebrating 40 years in the industry. I'm going to be there on opening night, and quite possibly making several visits afterwards, because I can never get enough of the imagery and style of the glamorous eras represented by the Vivian Chan Shaw label.

70s Piece from the Vivian Chan Shaw Collection

Many of you will know the work of Claudia Chan Shaw, Vivian's daughter, who is quite possibly Australia's most stylish woman and came to national attention when she became a presenter on ABC TV's The Collectors. Claudia has recently published a book called Collectomania, a wonderful exploration of the obsessive qualities of collectors and the essence of what makes a true collection.

But Claudia's style pedigree goes back much further. Her mother, Vivian Chan Shaw, was herself an essential part of the Australian fashion industry from the 1970s, and her glamorous boutique beneath the Sydney Hilton, selling her own designs, attracted the in-crowd both domestically and internationally. Her designs graced the frames of legendary names like Margaux Hemingway, Bo Derek and Australia's own Kate Fitzpatrick.

Margaux Hemingway working Vivian Chan Shaw fashion realness in the 70s

Vivian branched out into knits, and created a legendary knitted wedding dress that is in the Powerhouse Museum's collection, along with a unique collection of knitted wire jewellery.

Kate Fitzpatrick in Vivian Chan Shaw, 1977

Claudia went on to become her mother's business partner and co-designer, and together they have built and maintained one of Australia's oldest operating fashion lines.

Retro piece from the Vivian Chan Shaw collection

This is going to be an amazing multi-media exhibition including the most wonderful ephemera from a lifetime's devotion to looking truly fabulous.

It's only on for a short while, so get to see it immediately.


Vivian Chan Shaw 40 Years - A Retrospective

An exhibition exploring the work of celebrated Australian  fashion label Vivian Chan Shaw, from 1972 – today.

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia
 2 Short Street, Surry Hills
                                                          Exhibition runs from 6 - 13 February


ambradambra said…
Oooh, this looks great Walter. And quite close to Chez Ambra. Look forward to seeing it. A

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