Self-Help Summer

Yes, it's the new year, and by chance I happen to have cultivated a pile of new self-help books, and so what better time to read them?
Actually, it's not by chance at all. Most of you know that I am in the very final stages of completing my PhD on the history of self-help literature in Australia, and reading such books is a professional duty of mine. So I am always interested in what is new and popular in the field. You can expect me to be an infinitely better person once I have finished all these.
From the top:

A Year of Creativity by Brenda Mallon - I have actually been working for more than two years on writing my own book about creativity, so I am always interested to read what others say on the subject.

The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry - The subtitle of this book is 'the secret to a joy-filled life', and as cultivating joy is one of my projects for this year (wait for the upcoming blog post about that) I am trying to read whatever I can that sepcifically addresses this quality.

Releasing Life by Shenphen Zangpo - This is a little Buddhist book that I got from the freebie cart outside the vegetarian supermarket in Cabramatta. I had never seen it before, so I grabbed it.

The Rules of Networking by Rob Yeung - As a chronically shy person I love reading books about networking. They feed a fantasy vision of myself, the way my spinster aunt used to read Mills & Boon romances.

Groundswell by Charlene Li - This was a popular one among my yuppie friends when I was in Cambodia early this year. Do people still say 'yuppie'?

Meditations for Pain Recovery by Tony Greco - Because I am pretty much constantly in pain and I consume way too many pills. Looking for some alternative methods of coping.

How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes - I love Leil Lowndes' books - they speak to the terminally anxious. Her other books include How to be a People Magnet and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You. And there is an endorsement on the back of this one from Sally Jesse Raphael, so I am getting major retro flashbacks. I loved that woman.

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields - Everyone just talks about Jonathan Fields all the time, so I figured I should read something.

The Uncle Book by Jesse Cogan - I take my Uncling duties very seriously.

Writing for Self-Discovery by Myra Schneider & John Killick

The Golden Louise L. Hay Collection by Louise L. Hay - What more to say? All of the great lady's books in one handsome hardcover.

Trusting Your Intuition by Sylvia Clare - I don't trust my intuition, which is why I thought I should read a book about it.

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp - This is another one that people refer to constantly.

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port - I heard this guy on a podcast and I was really impressed, and then when I was looking through this book in a bookshop I saw it was filled with practical advice, so I had to get it.

Inspired & Unstoppable by Tama Kieves - I think there was an excerpt from this in the Science of Mind Magazine, and it looked great.

The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith - Another person I always hear on podcasts who has won me over.

Heart Thoughts by Louise L. Hay - Because you can never read enough Louise.


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