My Most Listened To songs of 2012

RuPaul was one of my top listens this year

A brief glimpse of iTunes reveals the songs I listened to most often in 2012. It's a list that's embarrassing and fabulous all at the same time! Here they are:

1. (34 listens) Bitch by Ralphi Rosario & Wayne G feat. Stewart Who  - This campy, raunchy and distinctly NSFW dance track is just amazing. Dark, complex and camp, the video clip is as good as the song, which is rare. This song/clip WILL offend, so please don't listen/watch unless you have a sense of humour firmly in place.

2. (33 Listens) See Thru by Culture Club - This is an album track from their 1999 comeback album Don't Mind if I Do. Melancholy and slightly bitter, as most of George's song's are, he also sounds beautiful here.

3. (33 listens) Only My Heart Calling by Margaret Urlich - Urlich is a New Zealand singer who experienced a moment of fame in Australia back in 1989 with a hit single Escaping. I never really thought much of her at the time, but over the years her slick pop album Safety in Numbers has grown to be one of my favourites. This gospel-tinged track is just beautiful, and the video is late 80s gold. 

4. (33 listens) Everybody Dance by RuPaul - This is of course a cover of the classic 1978 disco track by Chic, which is also fabulous. I just love RuPaul's version, from his criminally underrated debut album Supermodel of the World. A super-slick dance track, people always forget just how talented a singer RuPaul is.

5. (32 listens) 123 by The Chimes - If you weren't there you wouldn't realise just how big The Chimes were for a brief season of 1989. This was THE song when I met the wonderful Mr. Noodlies, and this is one of the first CDs we bought as a couple. We thought it was a wonderfully romantic song then, and it still is.


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