An Announcement: Inspirational Conversations in Sydney in 2013

Walter Mason, conducting 2013's series of Inspirational Conversations

I am very excited to announce a brand new series of inspirational conversations I will be conducting at Ultimo Library in 2013, in partnership with the City of Sydney Libraries.

On the final Wednesday evening of every month in 2013 I will be having a fascinating conversation with a leading author about what inspires them, what keeps them creative and how we can all make our lives more fabulous. Some authors already booked for the year include Belinda Castles, Gabrielle Lord, Emily Maguire, Sharon Snir and Stephanie Dowrick.

Stacey Demarco

We are launching the series in true style with the amazing Modern Witch Stacey Demarco. Stacey is the author of Witch in the Boardroom, Witch in the Bedroom and many others, including a very successful annual Moon Diary. Hers is a voice and perspective rarely heard in contemporary culture, so I am really delighted that she will be the first ever inspiring conversationalist! Stacey's session has already been booked out (in a matter of days!), but you can still register to go on the cancellation list here

These conversations are free, but you must book through the Sydney City Library's booking system.


Inspirational Conversations: Maintaining Your Passion 
Walter Mason talks to Stacey Demarco about maintaining your passion. Stacey is a Witch, metaphysicist and popular writer who believes ancient techniques can solve modern problems. In this conversation, Stacey talks about the power of thought to keep us inspired and help make our dreams a reality.    

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm Jan 30 Cost: Free
Venue: Ultimo Library, Level 1, 40 William Henry Street, Ultimo
Enquiries: City of Sydney Libraries (02) 92983110

Stacey's session has booked out, but you can go on the waitlist here

Read more about the fabulous Stacey Demarco here

The next two sessions are equally as compelling.

On the 27th February at 6pm I am hosting Vogel Prize winning author Belinda Castles, and we'll be talking about finding inspiration.
You can book for this event here
Read more about Belinda here

On Wednesday 27 March at 6pm we have the fabulous Gabrielle Lord, the Godmother of Australian crime writing, talking about where creativity comes from.
You can book for this event here
Read more about Gabrielle here


thang said…
That's fantastic Walter, looking forward to see who you've lined up for the program

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