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On Western Sydney - A Collection of new writing from Westside Publications

For too long Western Sydney, a vast and diverse swathe of urban culture, has been absent from Australian literature. On Western Sydney is a collection of poetry, stories and observations that reflect life in this most fascinating and exciting part of the city. The young voices represented in this amazing collection are the true representatives of an urban space that is demonised by the mainstream media and more or less ignored by the cultural elites.

"On Western Sydney is about the real Western Sydney, the people, the places and the experiences.

Chief Editor of Westside Publications, Michael Mohammed Ahmad says the publication challenges the limited and negative perceptions of the Western Sydney community that have been presented in popular culture."

There is an extraordinary depth and diversity represented in this book, and I think it represents an important moment in Australian - and particularly Sydney - literary culture. For a long time I have been waiting for the rest of the country to wake up to the fact that it is in Western Sydney that the real stories are happening, and where the real art is being created. On Western Sydney might just represent one of the first, and best expressed, steps toward that awakening.

I love the collections challenge and its variety. It incorporates the work of some well established and celebrated writers like Felicity Castagna, Fiona Wright and Pip Smith along with a score of other, newer voices. All are grappling with themes that are not rigidly regional. Even if the vocabulary belongs to a particular place or moment, the themes are universal and almost always compelling.

WIN! A copy of On Western Sydney.

See if you respond to the "Westie" voices and are stimulated by the diversity of styles and themes in this remarkable collection.

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