Books: Suited by Jo Anderton

Last night I was at Kinokuniya in Sydney for the launch of a new novel from Jo Anderton.

A book cake! I'm going to do this at my next launch!

The book, Suited, is the second in her speculative fiction The Veiled Worlds series, and it looks like so much fun. I can't wait to get started and to lose myself in those worlds - I bought the first book, Debris, as well, so I know I am going to get hooked.

Jo Anderton, author of Debris and the brand new Suited.

Suited was launched by Aurealis award-winning author Pamela Freeman, who reminded us that she had competed against Jo's first book, Debris, for that same award. Pamela described Suited as balancing on the knife edge of science-fiction and fantasy, and she praised Jo's willingness to "do really bad things to her characters."

Suited is the second installment in a planned trilogy, so get going now!

Jo Anderton and Aurealis Award-winning author Pamela Freeman


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