The Sacred, Science and Sustainability

A  4 week lunchtime dialogue Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm
Oct 11, 18, 25, Nov 1
264 Pitt Street, Sydney

As science is revealing a new understanding of the universe,  we are challenged to look afresh at our understanding of our relationships to all of creation and deepen our sense of the sacredness and Mystery of God in creation. This may challenge old images of God but also offers new ways to  see  how the Spirit of God is moving in an unfolding, evolving universe. It can guide us towards creating a more sustainable future and a more contemplative way of being, one which sees connections, affirms life and can transform the way we live.

In these  introductory  sessions we will use the guidance of theologians including ThomasBerry,  Bruce Sanguin, and  Michael & Connie  Barlow who have brought together understandings from science and religion,  to give a challenging  vision of living in a sacred  interconnected universe.

Facilitated by: Janet O’Sullivan, retreat facilitator with Eremos and Aust. ChristianMeditation Community, Isobel Bishop (Pitt Street UC)

Donation to cover costs.


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