Medium Jade-Sky on Living Your Purpose

Australian "Everyday Medium" Jade-Sky, acclaimed intuitive and the author of several books, including Psychic Secrets, was kind enough to send me a few answers to some burning questions I had for her.

Jade-Sky's down-to-earth wisdom and advice is just wonderful, and I am so excited to be able to share this with you:

Q1. I have just finished reading "The No Excuses Guide to Uncovering Your Purpose," the wonderful and very inspiring book you wrote with Stacey De Marco. How long have you felt you were living your purpose, and when did you realise it? 

My purpose is to be a mother but also a connector. I feel like I have been really living my purpose in the past 18 years. I first became a mother 14 years ago and as a connector 19 years ago. I started to connect people with information, and as a psychic medium I connect them with their spirit guides and passed loved ones.
Even though I have been born as a connector and psychic medium I didn’t realise that this was in fact my purpose until around 12 years ago. I knew that I wanted to help people and knew that I had a gift for doing readings for people but I wasn’t sure exactly what my purpose was besides being a Mum and a psychic medium. Being a connector is more than that it is about connecting to all different energies and connecting people to what they need.

Q2. If I could do something this month, or a series of things, to help me realise my life's purpose, what do you think it should be?

The first thing I would suggest you to do is to find out what in life gives you the most joy, what is something you love to do that you lose time doing? I would also get you to do the exercises in our book . One of the most powerful exercises is the sticky note exercise, it may sound simple but it is amazing to see how clear people become after they answer the questions and really look at what it is they do like, what they originally wanted to be or do when they were a child and things that really do make their heart sing.

Q3. Your have written a popular book called "Psychic Secrets" - can you tell us one of those secrets? And if people, like me, don't feel like they are particularly intuitive, what is one thing you could recommend they do to help awaken their psychic intuition?

The biggest secret of all is that you don’t have to have a huge Aladdin moment with a genie jumping out of a bottle telling you that you are psychic. Every person is born with their own intuition, it’s just that some people develop their intuition more or are predisposed to having stronger psychic ability.
To awaken your own intuition you need to start sensing and feeling and exploring the world around you without just using what you see visually. The biggest thing is to ask for signs even if you don’t think you are intuitive or don’t know who your spirit guides are. Ask for signs, signs always come to me in three different ways all with the same message.

Q.4. I know that you believe in past lives. What would you say to someone who was sceptical about the concept? What have you seen/become aware of that has convinced you of the truth of this?

Past lives are a passion of mine, I understand that many people may be sceptical about the concept but there are many universities around the world, and in particular in India, that have been vigorously studying the area of past lives. These universities  have studied children who have memories of their past lives and they have gone on to give great detail of their previous lives without having any access to this information. These children have come from remote villages in India without technology all the way to children from the USA, and the UK.
Recollection of past lives is not limited to any one culture or race but there are some cultures who are more open to the concept and have had it be part of their spiritual practice for thousands of years.
Over the past 20 years in my own practice as a psychic medium I have read many people and have seen their past lives and shared with them particular details that have made complete sense to them and even explained to them why they have such a strong like or dislike to someone or something or an unexplained injury or birthmark that has come through from a past life.
I have experienced many past life recollections myself, as well as witnessed some past life skills in my youngest child, my six year old daughter. My daughter has the same psychic gift as I do but since she was a toddler she has been very drawn to particular things my other children haven’t been. For example my daughter has blonde/light brown hair and brown eyes, she is Caucasian, but ever since she was tiny she has always been drawn to dolls that have very tan or dark skin, dark curly hair and dark eyes. She used always draw pictures of herself with dark skin and very dark hair and would not realise that this is not what she actually looked like.  She is only just realising this now that she is six and has started school. There are many more examples, far too many to write here but I encourage you to look into past lives - they are very interesting.

Q. 5. Can you give some pieces of advice to someone who wants to take the leap and explore their own creativity?

To take the leap and explore your own creativity you first need to free your mind of any preconceived ideas or guilt about what you should be doing. Often creative people feel guilty for taking time out of their so-called normal working hours to do something that they love or to create something.
Your creativity is about opening up to what you are feeling and sensing and just going with the flow. Do not let your mind take over and stop your flow.
Also do not be limited by what other people think you should be doing. Being creative means different things to different people, but I take it as living the life that you want and be able to feel and sense and enjoy your passion. It goes back to doing something that you love!


Medium and author Jade-Sky
Jade-Sky is an author and psychic who has appeared on Channel 7's Sunrise and who, over the past 18 years, has fine tuned her natural skills in the areas of Tarot and Oracle card reading, psychometry, mediumship/channeling and past lives.
Jade-Sky's books Psychic Secrets and The No-Excuses Guide to Uncovering Your Purpose (with co-author Stacey De Marco) are published by Rockpool Publishing.


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