Me and Doreen Virtue

It's not every day you turn up unexpectedly in an international bestseller.
A few years ago (I want to say 2009?), doubtless bored and just aimlessly surfing the net, I came across a little piece saying that bestselling New Age author and Angel Card inventor Doreen Virtue was putting together a book about the Virgin Mary and was looking for people who might have interesting stories about encounters with the Virgin. Now, unlikely as it may seem, I happened to have a few such stories and, in an unusual fit of diligence and application, I wrote them all down and sent them off to the provided email address and never gave it another thought. Indeed, I forgot all about it.
Fast forward to September 2012 and I had a little card telling me there was something to pick up at the post office. Not at all  unusual - I review books, music and films and I have to pick up packages three or four days a week. I am on first-name terms with all of the people at the post office. I was surprised, however,  when my favourite attendant came back with a package from America. Who was sending me something from America? And there, stamped on the back of the package, was "Doreen Virtue Enterprises." Why on earth was Doreen Virtue sending me stuff directly from the States when her publisher, Hay House, had an Australian office?
The moment I opened it and the book, Mary, Queen of Angels, slid out, it all came flooding back to me. My stories must be in the book!

I sat on the bench at the taxi stand outside Cabramatta post office and searched through the book for my name and my stories. I started at the back, because I figured that's where I would end up. Eventually I discovered, however, that my stories had made it into Chapter 1, from pages 11-13. And I must say, they are rather good, too.
So, do go out and grab a copy of Doreen Virtue's Mary, Queen of Angels and read all about my mystical adventures!


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