Congratulations to Gabrielle Lord, Australian Writing Legend

One of my favourite Australian authors, the always-fabulous Gabrielle Lord, was recognised by her peers this week when she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement gong at the Ned Kelly Awards.

Gabrielle has been writing fantastic crime nvels since the late 1980s, and I was first introduced to her work when she released Whipping Boy, probably her most famous book, an ultra-creepy, dark and truly terrifying tale of child abuse set in a brilliantly-evoked and recognisably corrupt Sydney.

For me Lord is a Sydney writer, and she can evoke the streets and strangeness of this city in a way that few others can. Her PI Gemma Lincoln books also evince a sustained fascination with religion, in both its positive and negative elements. Lord's work is sophisticated and multi-layered, but constantly readable and compelling in the way of all good crime writing.

In recent years Gabrielle has branched out into children's writing, producing an innovative series of thrillers for youg people called the Conspiracy 365 series, a series that has sold all over the world, making our Gabrielle a truly global phenomenon.

Congratulations on your achievement Gabrielle, and may you produce many more fantastic books in the years ahead.

I note with pleasure that this month Gabrielle Lord releases a brand new book, Death by Beauty, the latest instalment in her Gemma Lincoln series. I'm going to get my copy tomorrow!


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