A Very Queer Christmas

Oh dear, I'm not really blogging about Christmas already, am I?

It's just that I find I am working so far in advance these days (currently taking bookings for March/April/May 2013, if you want me) that I think I need to get in a little early if I want to alert people to some interesting events that are happening over Christmas.

For me the highlight is the planned visit of the Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, one of the leading lights of the Metropolitan Community Church. She will be preaching at several services over the Christmas period, and if you want to hear a Queer woman talk about her own strong Christian faith, and how she finds that compatible with her homosexuality, then do try to get along to hear her.

Rev. Nancy is the global leader of the Metropolitan Community Church, an affirming global Christian movement that ministers to the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Communities. It is a role she inherited from the movement's founder, that wonderful gay saint the Rev. Troy Perry, an instrumental figure in the Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s.

If you'd like a unique experience, then Rev. Nancy will be appearing at the following services over the pre-Christmas period:

Sunday 23rd December, 10am, Metropolitan Community Church, Sydney

Sunday 23rd December, 3pm, Crave MCC, Paddington

Sunday 23rd December, 6.30pm, Metropolitan Community Church of the Good Shepherd, Granville 

Monday 24th September, Evening, MCC Christmas Eve Service at Sydney Town Hall

The Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson is also the author of Our Tribe: Queer Folks, God, Jesus, and the Bible, a challenging and very honest reappraisal of the place of religion in the lives of Queer people. Very much recommended.


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