Belinda Castles launches her new book HANNAH & EMIL

How often can you say that you were reading a hot new novel long before it was even finished?
That is my proud claim with Belinda Castles' exquisite new book Hannah & Emil, which has just been launched.

I was part of a writing group that was privileged enough to be able to read some early drafts of Belinda's work, and right from the beginning I knew this was going to be an amazing book.

Author Belinda Castles at the launch of HANNAH & EMIL

Set in the years of World War 2, Hannah & Emil is based on the history of Belinda's own grandparents, and there is plenty of romance and intrigue as a Jewish refugee falls in love with a German man and they attempt to live together in a world where both are suspect.

So if you are looking for a new novel, don't hesitate. Belinda is a masterful writer, and Hannah & Emil is a beautifully written, easy-to-read story that has elements of romance, history and intrigue, and brings to life a strange little pocket of cultural history that is surprising and occasionally heart-wrenching.

Belinda Castles and Walter Mason at the launch of HANNAH & EMIL at Berkelouw's Newtown


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