Guan Yin Temple, Kuala Lumpur

I did my best to visit a few Buddhist temples while I was in Malaysia, and one of my favourites was the Guan Yin Temple situated on a hill about 10 minutes walk from Petaling Street.
We had made the foolish decision to walk up there right in the middle of the day, when KL is at its hottest. Once we got there I was a soaking mess, but it was the perfect place to sit down and rest for a little so I could begin to look more collected (and moderately more glamorous) once again. Fortunately the temple's hilly aspect means that it catches the breeze.
Though quite clean and largely empty, the temple retains a bit of old-world style with some quaint statues (some of which I couldn't identify) which obviously date back pre-WW2.

And one wall was entirely covered with Kwan Yin tiles, items I don't ever remember having seen before, but which I would love to get my hands on.

Near the door was the usual eccentric collection of Buddhist books, some in English. I grabbed a copy of the Great Compassion Mantra in Chinese and Pinyin to add to my collection.

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Ambra Sancin said…
This looks great Walter. Malaysia is definitely on my travel bucket list. Will you be doing a book about Malaysia (after Cambodia)? And, I've got to get me some of those Kwan Yin tiles. They're gorgeous.
Walter Mason said…
Oh Ambra, no plans for a Malaysia book at this stage, though it would be fascinating. I quite fell in love with Kuala Lumpur.

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