My Favourite Pen

I know this might seem a ridiculous thing to blog about, but I have just found a stash of my favourite pens, ones I have been looking for for more than two years now.
These particular pens I have only ever found at one 7 Eleven in Bangkok. I have been back several times in the past couple of years, but they were neve there. I thought they must be gone forever.
Last night I stumbled in there, ostensibly to get myself a ginger ale, but secretly hoping that my treasured pens would be there. And they were! I bought every single packet. I was beside myself with joy - I almost couldn't eat, so satisfied was I with my purchase.
There is nothing special abou these pens. They retail for 14 baht for a pack of two, which is ridiculously cheap. But they are produced by Staedtler and they are simply exquisite. They are ball-points, which are essential for a roving travel writer whose journal gets damp. The minute gel ink gets damp it runs and becomes unreadable. They also come in multiple (but all very strong and readable) colours, another useful factor because in one's journal one wants to highlight different things using different colours.
But mostly it's a tactile thing. These Staedtlers have a thick body without being too bulky and heavy, and have slightly flattened sides, making them very easy to grasp and use  if you have a big hand.

You see, it's the small things.


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