Lux Body Wash in Southeast Asia

In Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia Lux produce the most exquisite range of body washes that I can't find in Australia and simply adore.
Now, I can understand a little why these babies are not produced for the western market. They are heavily perfumed - you smell great for about 2 hours after yoru shower. And the best product is White Impress, a whitening wash. Skin whitening products are almost non-existent in Australia, though in Southeast Asia they make up the majority of cosmetic products. You can even get skin whitening deodorant here!
So what makes these Lux body washes so delicious? Well, there's the aforementioned perfume - I am the type who likes my bathroom (and, consequently, my body) smelling good. The product is also creamy and has a rich lather, but washes off clean, with no residue (I HATE after-wash residue, and I find it is becoming more and more common in soaps and body washes).
So, there you have it, Lux - can you please launch this wonderful range in Australia - I think you will find a market. I have been a fan for years now, and always buy the products to bring home with me.


Karin said…
My partner and I have a similar fascination with a soap we've only ever seen in Singapore and Malaysia. It is called '999 Chlorophyll Soap', is a fabulous green colour, and makes the whole bathroom smell wonderful. We hoard it on every visit and currently (ahem) have at least a dozen bars in the cupboard. Your Lux sounds great and I'll have to grab some next time we're overseas!

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