Phil Harding Club Mixes of the 80s

I am one of those arcane creatures that still buys CDs.
I love their brittle jewel cases and the way they can fill a half-dozen cupboards and never be found again.
Yes, I do purchase music on iTunes, but I never really have the same relationship with the music I have bought that way - I never really feel like I own the album.
All that is by way of introducing the fact that I have bought what I think is the best CD ever. I may not need to purchase another in my lifetime.
The album in question is the 2 CD set of Phil Harding Club Mixes of the 80s. I have been in heaven ever since it arrived.

If 80s trash pop was ever your thing, and if you ever had scores of original 12" mix records (yes, I still have mine mouldering away in my garage), then you will be familiar with the work of the legendary Mr. Harding. He is a lwho started work in the 70s and came to full fruition at the PWL studios. He was really the populiser and king of the 12" mix. Many of the tracks on this wonderful set I own in vinyl, but I haven't actually played any vinyl in years. It has been simply wonderful re-discovering these gems again.
As is often the case, I bought this set in order to get a single song that I realised I'd been missing for 20+ years - it was Blue Mercedes' I Want to be Your Property, a song that enjoyed a particular vogue in gay circles when I was a teenager.
But of course, I almost skipped over this song in order to listen to the zany dance remixes, so evocative of my youth, of other, long forgotten tracks. If you wandered past my house this evening you might hear Eighth Wonder's version of the Pet Shop Boys song I'm Not Scared, or Rick Astley's micro-hit She Wants to Dance With Me.
80s 12" mixes! Bring them back!

Some other highlights from the album:


Anonymous said…
A brilliant DJ-Promo MEGAMIX of the PHIL HARDING CLUB MIXES OF THE 80S CD has just been released (the first 7 tracks) which is a great showcase of it...
Anonymous said…
There is also a 600-page tie-in book by Phil Harding of the behind-the-scenes story of working with all the hit artists of the 80s, to go with the CD... Official site:

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