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I am a contradiction, a mish-mash of conflicting ideas, feelings and personalities. And the worst thing is that I am completely unashamed in my inconsistency. People scratch their heads and glare at me, but it bothers me none. I am always incredibly suspicious of someone with a consistent worldview. They are normally crazy, dogmatic or lying. Often all three.
So my blog-browsing reflects something of my unpredictable personality.
In response to BVS Reader's Blog's wonderful post asking people what their favourite blogs were, here are some of my secret distractions:

Want to eat out somewhere really good in Western Sydney, Hong Kong or Cambodia? Well noodlies is there to help. I love this blog - and it's not just because the blogmaster happens to be my other half, and that the fat hand reaching for a bowl of noodles in the pics is normally mine. Well, thet's not the only reason. I love noodlies' unpretentious tone and his advocacy of humble restaurants in suburbs most people are too afraid to visit after dark - and yes, I am talking about my home suburb.

Stephanie Dowrick's blog is consistently inspiring, and Stephanie approaches her blog posts with a seriousness and professionalism that is rare in teh blogging world. If you are interested in spirituality, literature and/or personal development you should be reading Stephanie's blog.

I think that gossip is an artform, and have been known to while away an hour or so on In Case You Didn't Know, OMG, Queerty and Dlisted. Those are by far the best gossip sites.

Blogging and social media are a bit of an obsession of mine, and I get lots of tips and info on Jeff Bullas, We Build Your Blog, Blog Godown and BookBuzzr.

Joanna Penn, from The Creative Penn - writing guru.

For writing you can't go past The Creative Penn, LiteraryMinded, Writing Bar and She Writes Books.

Reading is an obsession, and to keep me up-to-date I consult the Guardian Books Page, Should Be Reading and Reading Matters.

Finally, for matters spiritual, I can't go past Buddhist Channel, Spirituality & Practice, Dangerous Harvests and Art and Faith, Too.


Laurie Sanders said…
Hi Walter,

Thanks for replying to my post about favorite blogs. Your list is as eclectic as mine is, though there are some new to me blogs on your list that I'll definitely have to check out.

I don't know what it is -- but since I started using Twitter regularly I've become something of a blog hound with a couple hundred blogs (at least) in my blog reader. It's NOT that I read every blog all the time...but I do like to be able to quickly scroll through the blogs on my list and see which posts and titles catch my fancy.

Then of course, I share links to my favorite blog posts on Twitter. I feel like I've learned a lot and gathered a lot of new insights reading blogs.

One of the things that I like about blogs is that everyone who wants to gets a turn to hold the megaphone...unlike the professional media where who gets the megaphone is limited to a select few.

Thanks for sharing some of your faves. I'll be adding some of them to my reader.

Laurie (bvsbooks on Twitter)

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