2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I must warn you that I have failed all previous reading challenges.
But Australian author Claire Corbett challenged me point-blank to take up the incredible 2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge, and how could I say no. Besides, it offers the perfect opportunity to get to some of those fascinating books on my "Must Read" pile.
I have, with characteristic mis-guided optimism, chosen to attempt the "Franklin-tastic" level - Read 10 and review at least four books.
So here is my list for the year. From the top:

In Search of Angels by Janise Beaumont
Let the Dead Lie by Malla Nunn
Sixty Lights by Gail Jones
I Came to Say Goodbye by Caroline Overington
Abandoned by Geesche Jacobsen
Conspiracy 365: January, February & March (That's 3 books!) by Gabrielle Lord
The Raven's Heart by Jesse Blackadder
Animal People by Charlotte Wood
Running Backwards Over Sand by Stephanie Dowrick
When We Have Wings by Claire Corbett
Aunts Up the Cross by Robin Eakin
Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James
Knuckled by Fiona Wright
Reading By Moonlight by Brenda Walker
Small Indiscretions by Felicity Castagna
Smoke in the Room by Emily Maguire
Beyond White Guilt by Sarah Maddison


Margaret Lynette Sharp said…
Congratulations on your involvement with the Challenge!

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