Luke Nguyen's Long Lunch

I am just about to leave for Vietnam, but before I go I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful pics from last week's Long Lunch with Luke Nguyen, right in Cabramatta's Freedom Plaza.

It was one of the Crave Sydney Food Festival's Pop Up events, sponsored by the Fairfield City Council and Luke Nguyen's own gorgeous range of signature eating accessories from Baccarat.

We ate and drank till we were more than merry, enjoying, among other things, Pearl River beer, Peking duck from Iron Chef restaurant, goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) from Ngoc An restaurant and an exquisite green mango salad from Bau Truong.

And at the end Pappa Roti snuck us each a delicious little bag of their addictive buns, and I had scoffed mine in no time, you'd better believe.
It's no secret that I have rather a major crush on Luke Nguyen, and he was a wonderful host, explaining all of the dishes and how best to enjoy them, making sure everything ran like clockwork and just being perfect - all without breaking a sweat!

And that was no mean feat, because it was an unseasonally warm day, so much so that the organisers eventually provided us with our own non la, the traditional Vietnamese conical hat. These were incredibly effective, but they made us all look like the worst sort of tourist.
Except, that is, for the gorgeous Chocolate Suze and her equally gorgeous consort Noods, who always manage to look stylish, no matter what.


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