New Books - A Miscellany

Once again my "new acquisitions" section has become hopelessly overcrowded, and I need to catalogue them and get started. I thought I'd just grab a pile and record it in all its wonderful random-ness:

Angel Words by Doreen and Grant Virtue and Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue - I bought these when Doreen was in Australia recently.

The War Against Cliche by Martin Amis - Christopher Hitchens says that every writer should read this one, and I do think Martin Amis is rather a good craftsman.

On the Edge of Paradise by David Newsome - A critical study of A. C. Benson's diaries, I didn't even know this book existed till I saw it on the shelves of a second-hand bookshop. It looks fascinating.

The Quest for Corvo by A. J. A Symons (Folio Society Edition) - I'd eventually love to get Folio Editions of all my favourites. If you've never read this book you simply must go and do it today. Almost my very favourite book.

Cupid and the Jacaranda by Sacheverell Sitwell - I collect books by and about the Sitwells, and this is a gorgeous first edition, still with its dust jacket. Lovely.

A Nest of Tigers by John Lehmann - A biography of the Sitwells. See above.

Hattie by Andy Merriman - I have mixed feelings about this book because for about ten years I talked about doing it myself. It is a biography of the wonderful British actress Hattie Jacques. I can still turn into a one-man stage show, though.

Cecil Beaton's Fair Lady - Beaton's pictorial diary of the making of the film of My Fair Lady. Still Linkin its wonderful dust jacket, this was a real find.

Behind Closed Doors by Hugo Vickers - I am obsessed with the Duchess of Windsor, and have read many books by and about her. I heard about this over at the wonderful Little Augury blog, and knew I had to get it.

That Woman by Anne Sebba - See above.

William James in the Maelstrom of American Modernism by Robert D. Richardson - I am using James a lot in my thesis, and find his writing fascinating, but realised I knew very little about the man. So I got this in the hope of discovering something.

Networking Is a Contact Sport by Joe Sweeney - Looks fun, yes? Always good to get some new tips, and I am a devotee of the works of Keith Ferrazzi. This looked like it had a similar feel.


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