El Circo Rouge

Circus, burlesque, drag show and 5-course degustation.
Was there ever a more perfect night's entertainment?
Lat night I was at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL for the fabulous El Circo Rouge, a post-modern cabaret spectacular conceived by the entertainment mastermind Marc Kuzma (aka Claire De Lune) and transplanted holus bolus from glamorous digs in Oxford Street straight into Sydney's suburbs.
Oh, and did I mention it stars my dear friend and global drag diva Verushka Darling?

Mr. Noodlies can't keep his lips of Verushka Darling's delectable face.

She was looking spectacular, every last amazing foot of her, and I wanted to take her home, cock-feathers and all. Never has a woman worn a miniature top-hat with such elan.
I'm only going to be able to gush about a show and dinner which exceeded every last expectation - I wondered why I hadn't been before, dozens of times, in fact. The spectacular variety show, hosted by the terrific Ms. Darling, had something for everyone - trapeze burlesque, naked men, doves in handkerchiefs and even Verushka herself doing her Tippi Hedren turn. Must say there was a rather a lot of perfectly-formed male flesh on show, and the ladies in the audience were ecstatic.
The show has almost completed its run at the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL (why oh why have we waited so long?), so get on the phone NOW punters and book yourselves a ticket. I mean NOW - you simply cannot afford to miss this dazzling night out. Ticket includes show and the amazing dinner.

Me with the gloriously glamorous Ms. Verushka Darling.


Anonymous said…
Hoorah! Thank you so much for coming. It's always such a pleasure to see you boys.

P.S. I chuckled heartily at your sartorial comment on my little hat. A delightful turn of phrase.



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