DESTINATION SAIGON hits the bestsellers list at Shearer's Bookshop

Excuse me for a brief moment of boasting, but I am so excited to discover that my book Destination Saigon, one of the most lighthearted and affectionate books on Vietnam you will ever read, has slipped quietly this week into the bestseller's list at Shearer's Bookshop on Norton St., Leichhardt.
How wonderful! I know that the good people at Shearer's have always been great believers in the book, and their enthusiasm has obviously paid off.
Many thanks Barbara, Tony and gang!


thang said…
Congrats Wal, you deserve it! :)
Kerrie said…
A wonderful read, thanks and well done, borrowed mine from the Richmond library.
Walter Mason said…
Thank you Kerrie - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Have you been to Vietnam?

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